There is so much information out there about eating healthy and having an active lifestyle. Theres diets , pills, equipment, and several types of professionals you can hire to tell you what you’ve been doing wrong. But what amount what you take in mentally, spiritually ,and emotionally? I was recently having a discussion with someone about what motivates me. I’m a self motivated person but what gives me that extra drive is my close circle of friends . Even though we may have different goals , seeing them set and achieve their goals motivates me to keep pushing for mine. Like that old saying you are who you hang around , I not only find it true but I think it’s much deeper. If all your friends are lazy and unmotivated it makes it seem normal , so you feel no discomfort being lazy and unmotivated. If everyone you hang around is negative you start to think of things in a more negative light without even noticing . Of course there are some people you can’t escape such as family coworkers, and whatever friends you’ve had so long for whatever reason you don’t want to cut ties. So what do you do ? The same thing you do with greasy food , limit your intake. Not only limit you’re intake but balance it out . Just like you know when you’ve had way too many calories for the day and you can’t possibly skip the gym the same is true when you’ve been with a draining person all day long and you feel emotionally empty. Either find someone positive to spend time with , or do something positive for yourself. The point is to make time to clear your headspace , and refocus your energy. I was recently having a conversation about reality tv. Firstly it’s not actual reality and you can’t reasonably expect your life to be like someone on tv when their life probably isn’t really like that, but that’s a whole different blog. My friend was bashing reality tv saying it’s a waste of time , not understanding how people can watch it. I see nothing wrong with it as long as you treat it like you would a piece of chocolate cake, it’s a guilty pleasure. Sometimes it’s good to shut your brain off and take in nothing of substantial value. The thing is you have to remember to eat your vegetables. For every reality show you watch you should watch or read something that challenges you to think . We absorb so much on a daily basis without noticing . It’s so easy to get caught up just going through the motions that you pay no attention to everything that you’re taking in. There’s so much focus on the food you take in, experts even say if you journal what you eat for the day it will help you make better decisions. If we journaled all the things we took in mentally for the day I wonder what would we think of the list. How you think and feel is a part of you , and shouldn’t it be just as important as the rest of your health ? So I’m committing to putting in more healthy things than unhealthy. Will I achieve that goal everyday? Probably not , considering my normal fitness goals are still an everyday struggle. But now I’m paying attention to what I take in and I’m going to make a conscious effort.