So I went to the gym today for the first time in a few weeks . I’m recommitting to getting in shape by at least mid summer . I want to live a healthy lifestyle and all that jazz but I’ve discovered a new exciting reason for going to the gym. People watching ! There’s the person who hops from one machine to the next every five minutes obviously no clue what their doing …. this is probably their first and only week. The slightly beyond over the hill gent in the shirt 3 sizes too small that says to himself if I workout enough people will think I’m in my twenties … we don’t . The over zealous girl lifting weights in the sauna who leaves you wondering how long before she just passes out ? The extremely sweaty gent who lifts his shirt to wipe his face a share his beer belly with all of us , good for you fearless buddy . I always wonder what people are doing on their phones sitting quietly in the sauna…. I’m on my phone calculating the calories I burned then adding up how many wings I can get from Wingstop. Me being the next level people person I am I decided to ask in the sauna does anyone else do this ? Only to meet the lady who must have been waiting all her life to lecture me on the sodium in the wings and how fried they are. Then proceeded to tell me her journey of losing thirty pounds and her having to resist her husbands cooking. She was a nice lady and good for her …. but I was just making a joke /one comment and this conversation went on long after I lost interest. I now know all about the military diet now ….. sounds brutal.Now to answer the questions I know you really want the answer to. 30 minutes , that’s how long you can sit in the sauna before your iPhone tells you emergency your phone is too hot, it won’t play music or let you get on Facebook. 30 minutes is the longest I can sit in the sauna. Surprisingly only once did I come to the realization I left my keys behind 3 machines ago, I found them….. after some searching. Zero , number of times I forgot my cell phone. I always end with the sauna after my workout , I ordered my Wingstop from there …. they have an app. I know you’re thinking counter productive but maintaining is better than gaining….