With the technology we have now the world has become a much smaller place. With the internet you have access to information from around the globe 24/7. Which should mean we are all evolving into a savvier more intellectual global community right ? There’s so much information coming at me from so many outlets it’s almost impossible to filter through. The news is partially biased and sensationalized because at the end of the day it falls into the category of entertainment and they have to cater to what brings in the ratings. You can still get information from the news but you have to take it with a grain of salt , and if you really want to be informed you could do your own research/ fact checking. But who really has the time and cares enough to do that ? Sometimes you dont bother to watch the news at all because a lot of times it’s just depressing and in your leisure time you’re trying to unplug yourself from all the responsibilities of day to day life. You could skim online articles for information , or get information from Facebook which you can never be sure you’re getting actual facts or if it’s merely opinion masquerading as fact that’s been shared enough times it’s gained validation by popular opinion. You could get information from your peers which is surely to be biased, watered down and filled with misinterpretations. Also if all your peers come from the same demographics and think alike you will be getting a very small world view. So what do you do ? I don’t have time to read all my emails let alone set aside time to research what’s going on in the world. Digital clutter is the new clutter and I actually have to set aside time to delete emails because my inbox is always full, then based on a glance I have to decide what’s worth reading and what’s trash. The dilemma is as an American citizen I feel it’s my duty to make informed decisions when I vote based on facts , not a gut feeling , general consensus of peers , or even a candidates speeches. I feel I should know what positions they’ve taken on things I care about historically. I feel I should know who all my representatives are and when they are voting on things that impact me. I feel I should write them and voice my opinion. But sadly I must admit I’ve never written , I’ve never researched beyond the presidential candidate , and I’ve always voted on a straight party line without knowing who half the people on the ballot are. I wonder how many Americans are like me ? Anyone else wish they could get news that’s just news ? I mean only facts and bullet pointed. These things happened today, this person takes this position on it and if they have their way this is what will happen. This happened today in this country and here is a list of potential global impacts and impacts for you locally. News that takes no sides gives me only facts and let’s me draw my own conclusion. Then what if everyday it was sent out to everyone via text like a national alert , so everyone could start their day being well informed with what’s going on in the world? I know that’s wishful thinking but shouldn’t we challenge each other to stay informed and keep open minds ?