I recently found out my class reunion is coming up in August. Which made me think back to what I thought my life would be like now when I graduated in comparison to my current life situation. I’ve decided I definitely want to go to the reunion it will be fun to catch up. This of course means I have a little over 5 months to : Lose 35 pounds, get promoted at work, fall in love/ get married , and Buy a house . As you can tell I’m a strong believer in setting realistic goals and expectations for my life . The question is why wait until the class reunion invite to work on all these things ? I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator who works well under pressure , but this is pushing it to the deadline even for me. In all honesty I’ve actually been working on most of those things for a while now. I work very hard at work and never turn down the opportunity to take on more responsibilities, so that’s situation is more of waiting for the right opportunity. My weight always fluctuates as I get on and off my health kicks, if I focus that’s one goal I know I can control in 5 months.  The marriage one is going to be hard considering I’m not in anything serious now , and on principle I would never marry for the sake of just not being single. I date , I just don’t actively pursue it , or even know how one would actively pursue something like that. I always figured it would work itself out , so I’ve focused on other areas of my life , and now I’ve been single over 2 years. In those years I’ve had some ok dates nothing great, along with some horrendous ones that are worthy of a seinfield episode. I have a full life between work family and friends , I’m never at a loss for things to do and I don’t really feel like my life is lacking. Still when I think about my class reunion coupled with the fact that I’ll be 28 next month I still feel I could have accomplished more in that time.