I’ve always envisioned myself as a leader . I’m passionate about people, I think outside the box, and I have integrity. The thing is people have to choose to follow you for you to be a true leader . I’ve been focusing on my work persona , always offering to help , becoming a subject matter expert , and taking on more responsibility. To some degree it is working for me and a lot of my peers have come to view me as a leader so I’m happy about that , because that’s something I’ve chosen for myself. What I did not expect however was to become a leader in my family. A lot has changed in the last couple years and we’ve been through a lot. What I’m just now realizing is everyone calls me when they have problems with each other and I smooth them over. I’m somehow become the go to problem solver and I never signed up for it. It’s a lot of work sometimes but I do it because I care about my family. I think oftentimes leaders don’t set out to lead , they just are called to do so. What I’m realizing is you can’t simply choose to be a leader in only one part of your life , and if you have the skillset whether you like it or not you will be called to use those skills in unexpected ways.