I once read a quote that said this isn’t even my style , I can’t afford my style . I grinned as I read it because it struck a cord with me . I love to travel and I would travel half the year if I had the money . However I like to travel in style , 5 star hotels and restaurants, I mean why go on vacation just to have Chick-fil-A and stay at the Holiday Inn. There’s nothing wrong with either of those places but I could do that at home . I like to reinvent myself on trips , and daydream about living this way all the time . I love people watching at the airport and imaging where people are headed to or coming from . I wonder if I’m the only one who does that . Not only do I like to go nice places , but I make a point to look especially nice. I spend extra time on my makeup , my hair, my outfit , I want to be flawless. It feels good , I tell myself I will start doing this at home more often but I never do . Who has time day to day for all those things ? I recently went on a trip to LA , I took a tour , ate at great restaurants, went to the beach , went shopping , and generally tried to figure out how many more things I could get done before I left . At home sometimes I might not leave my house for the entire weekend. Why am I not as productive at home ? Why am I not my vacation self all the time . I want to constantly try new things , and look as flawless as possible daily. However that requires effort and planning, why do I find it so hard to gather the energy for that in the day to day ?