Do you ever feel like everyone else went to some sort of life class and you overslept ?

I know I’m life nobody has all the answers but for some people things seem to come so easily , or at least that’s the way it looks on Facebook.

When you’re a kid it’s simple what you’re supposed to do . Get good grades , and don’t do anything to embarrass the family. Then you grow up and go to college , same basic rules apply, get good grades, make new friends, think for yourself , don’t embarrass the family. Next you have your early 20’s to find yourself , start a career , work hard ,and as always don’t embarrass the family.

Somewhere around 30 it feels like you are no longer supposed to be finding yourself. Most people I know are , getting married , having kids , and buying houses . I on the other hand am single with a capital S and starting to feel like I’m living out Bridget Jones Diaries.

I also don’t know if I’m putting enough in my 401k and I tell myself I have time to figure things like that out. Everyone has a house or is planning to buy one . Do I need a house , do I want one ? What happens if I don’t change the air filter in my car ? These are the adult questions it feels like just yesterday I could care less about .

When I was in high school, even in college I pictured this exciting life for myself at this age . Don’t get me wrong , I have a great job ,and I pride myself on being self sufficient but my life has become such a routine . My feet hurt at the thought of going out to any type of  club . A fun night out has become dinner with friends. How am I this boring with no kids ? Is this a permanent thing or just a phase ? Only time will tell. In the meantime I’m going to look for a class to take just to break up the routine , before I resign to getting a bunch of cats and becoming “That Lady ”