As a single woman I’ve had quite a few “interesting ” dates . I try to keep an open mind and I’ve dated a variety of ages, races, types/styles, heights , size … pretty much every demographic. I figure leave myself open to a new experience, worst case scenario I know what I’m not looking for and at least I got a free meal. I’m starting to rethink this theory.

I don’t know what it is about me but for some reason people feel very comfortable opening up to me , which is a blessing and a curse .

On one of my lovely dates I went out with a man who unbeknownst to me was recently divorced . It started out alright , we exchanged pleasantries and ordered our food. Then he gets a text from his ex about his kids . He then goes on an hour long rant about how she ruined his life , slept with his brother , and took all his money . He tells me she has turned his family against him because they were close to her, and to top it off he’s just found out he’s bipolar and doesn’t know how to deal. I found myself telling him he and the ex would work out co-parenting and everything was going to be ok. By the time we were done not only did I feel I earned the meal but should have charged him for therapy. I ended up telling him I didn’t think he was ready to date . I’m all for getting to know someone but when he was emotionally vomitting all over me all I could think was did I remember to record Big Bang theory , and is this a good time to tell him I have an early morning so I can leave ?